Berks County Home Remodeling

People who need five-star exterior remodeling service anywhere in cozy Berks County, PA have no reason to pout. Smucker Exteriors & Remodeling LLC is a full-service company that excels in the world of exterior remodeling projects. We’re headquartered in Kinzers and cater to clients in nearby communities, too. If you want to update the look of your residential exterior, then our contractors can come through for you. Our contractors have proven work experience, and will make sure the job is done correctly and suits your standards.

Premium Exterior Siding Contractors

Siding is imperative for a handful of significant reasons. It can make residences markedly more energy-efficient which, in turn, reduces monthly energy expenses. Siding is key for home safeguarding, too. It protects your home from things like snow, ice, hail, and extreme wind. Choosing quality siding from Smucker Exteriors will protect your home from extreme conditions for years to come.

If you aren’t sure of whether you need new siding, there are a handful of tell-tale signs. Since old, outdated siding is less energy-efficient, you’ll notice that your heating and energy costs will be higher than those of your neighbors’. In addition, you should regularly inspect your siding around your house to look for things like mold, sun damage, mildew, algae, etc. These are all tell-tale signs that new siding is required.

Berks County Roofing Contractors

Our contractors concentrate on all kinds of roofing system matters. If you need to install a brand new roof, you can depend on our replacement proficiency. If you need a couple of roof repairs, we can help you. We can even help you with preventative roofing maintenance. Our team members know exactly how to respond to all kinds of roofing system concerns. If you need help with leaks, curling shingles, mildew, discoloration, valleys, algae, sunlight or anything else, you know who to consult. We utilize roofing system equipment that’s sturdy and contemporary.

Siding Contractors in PA Installing Tan Siding

Assistance With Doors and Windows

There’s no better way to remodel the exterior of your home than by investing in brand new doors and windows for it. If you want to update your exterior, our team members can offer you installation service that’s of the finest caliber possible. You should concentrate on indications of doors that require replacement. If you have a door that’s on its last legs, it may have staining that’s the result of H20 damage. Plus, you can save lots on your heating and energy bills by installing a door that is more energy-efficient.

In addition to installing energy-efficient doors, Smucker Exteriors also installs energy-efficient windows. Much like your doors and siding, heat can escape through windows that are outdated. Some signs to look for include outside noise coming in, as well as an immoderate amount of condensation on the window.

Quality Home Remodeling in Berks County

Smucker Exteriors takes pride in offering only the best roofing, siding, window, and door installation services.