Lancaster, PA Home Improvements

Smucker Exteriors & Remodeling is an exterior remodeling company that specializes in home improvement in Lancaster, PA. For over a decade, this company has helped homeowners tackle strategic renovations in order to boost property value and curb appeal. Because the Smucker Exteriors & Remodeling crews are dedicated and driven, they proudly serve locals in many neighborhoods throughout Berks County and Chester County.

Roofing Contractors in Lancaster, PA

When harsh weather impacts metal roofing, the materials can develop a few cosmetic flaws. After a metal roof fades, warps, or rusts, the Smucker Exteriors & Remodeling roofing contractors can implement procedures to correct the flaws. If replacing the material is the only option, the team will use the latest metal roofing supplies to ensure long-lasting results. During most replacement jobs in Lancaster PA, the roofing crews upgrade old materials with an interlocking system.

Following heavy rainstorms, the Smucker crew can also inspect and remove debris from gutters to prevent clogs. The team also provides gutter products to homeowners who need a better water distribution system along the edge of a roof.

Siding Professionals in Lancaster, PA

The siding service that Smucker Exteriors & Remodel offers can enhance the materials on the side of a variety of homes. Smucker Exteriors & Remodel has solutions for:

  • Ranch homesSiding Contractors Lancaster & Chester County
  • Contemporary homes
  • Cottages
  • And many more!

People who work with the siding contractors have opportunities to upgrade specific areas in a unique and practical way by using different design materials. They can renovate cracked, peeled, or damaged zones with siding that’s smooth, wooden, or jagged.


Lancaster, PA Door & Window Replacement

During simple renovation jobs, locals can upgrade inefficient exterior doors while using the door services by Smucker Exteriors & Remodeling. The company stocks a variety of doors that match the paint on a home. The main options include:

  • Screen doors: Many of the screen doors that the company supplies have a sleek modern design that pops against general exterior paint shades on a home. These doors are typically manufactured with a large mesh panel that helps air efficiently circulate throughout various interior spaces.
  • Sliding doors: The sliding doors are designed with a durable lock and a wide, mesh screen. Smucker Exteriors & Remodeling always stocks professional-grade sliding doors because the hardware doesn’t stick or malfunction quickly over time.
  • Front doors: These doors are designed in a variety of colors. Locals can select wooden or aluminum doors in neutral or bright shades

Besides door renovations, Smucker Exterior & Remodeling also has teams that tackle window replacement projects. No matter how a window and door replacement task, roofing project, or siding job is handled, all roofing contractors, siding contractors, and exterior remodeling crews will implement proper procedures to produce professional results.