Types of Commercial Roofing for Your Business

Types of Commercial Roofing for Your Business

Many business owners who also own the property where their business headquarters is located choose metal commercial roofing. This roofing material has many benefits, including its energy efficiency, durability, and sustainability. However, this is only one of the options for commercial roofing. 

Depending on where your business is located, a single-ply or even an SPF roof might be better for you. Before exploring all options for commercial roofing in Chester County, here’s what you should know about the different commercial roofing types.

The Characteristics of Metal Roofing

One of the most notable advantages of metal roofing compared to other roofing types is its durability. Regardless of whether you opt for aluminum, copper, or steel roofing, the durability of metal roofing will far outshine other roofing types. Most metal roofs have an average lifespan of over 20 years and more with the proper maintenance.

However, metal is expensive. Metal roofing, on average, is much more expensive per square foot than the alternatives. Moreover, it’s much harder to file insurance claims for metal roofs, as many insurance companies will ignore your claims so long as the roofing is not somehow compromised.

The Characteristics of Single-Ply Membrane Systems

Single-ply membrane roofs are sheets of rubber & other synthetics that are attached directly to your roof. There are primarily two types of single-ply membrane roofs - TPO roofs and EPDM roofs. Both are similar, with a few differing characteristics.

While lightweight and flexible, TPO roofs reflect sun rays away, while EPDM roofs retain them. You also have more insulation options when installing single-ply membrane roofs.

A big problem with single-ply roofs is degradation, which tends to occur more frequently than on other roof types. Tears and fractures are common, but so are leaks when installing roof accessories and having worn-out roof seams. 

The Characteristics of Fabric Reinforced Coating

The fabric-reinforced coating is not a roofing type per se, as it is an optional follow-up step for some roofing types. In short, a fabric-reinforced coating is a material applied over your roofing to enhance its durability and longevity and make it waterproof.

For example, when applied to a single-ply membrane roof, the fabric-reinforced coating will negate the disadvantages of a single-ply roof by making it water-resistant and more durable against the elements.

The Characteristics of SPF Coating

SPF or spray polyurethane foam is a type of coating sprayed onto roofs to increase their longevity and make them waterproof. It’s a relatively affordable material that’s quite easy to use and has a long life with the proper maintenance.

However, unlike other coating options, SPF has a limited application window. If ice or any other form of moisture is present on the roof, it can’t be installed. You must also be careful when applying SPF, as it can get all over the place, especially on windy days.

Are You in Need of Commercial Roofing in Chester County? Contact Smucker’s

Those are some essential facts on the most popular commercial roofing types and their advantages and disadvantages. If you need commercial roofing in Chester County, you can learn more about all these options at Smucker’s Exterior and Remodeling.

Smucker’s is a family-run home improvement company with over 20 years of experience in the carpentry business. If you need new roofing over your business, you’re in luck! Commercial roofing is just one of our fortes. Get your free quote today for a more accurate project estimate.

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