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Stucco problems in southeastern PA are more common than you think. Fix those nagging issues once and for all with expert stucco repair and remediation services.

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Benefits of Modern Stucco Installations

Stucco – a compound made from cement, sand, lime and water – is a commonly used protective cover for residential homes.

Stucco has a lot of benefits: it’s durable and long-lasting. It also resists fire, rot, mold and termites. And, it insulates your home from sound and the weather just as well as brick.

But while stucco a is great siding choice, many homeowners in southeastern PA are finding their stucco exteriors in disrepair.

Why Do PA Homeowners Have Stucco Problems?

To gain the unique benefits of stucco siding, it must be properly installed. Unfortunately, following a trend of poor installations in the area, many Pennsylvania homeowners are now having issues.

The problem is that improper applications allow water to get trapped behind the stucco – rotting your home’s wood sheathing and promoting mold growth. Then, it’s just a matter of time before the damage spreads.

If you’re noticing any of the problems below, reach out today for a free inspection from a Smucker Exterior stucco-installation expert.

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When is it Time to Fix Your Stucco?

The best way to identify stucco damage is with a professional inspection. However, you can spot damage yourself by looking for signs of the following:

White Powder on Surface
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Water trapped behind your home’s stucco can move back to the surface in a process called “efflorescence” – leaving behind water-soluble salt on the stucco’s exterior. If you can see this powdery residue, water has seeped into your stucco.

Stucco Pulling Away from Home
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Water evaporating through your stucco causes bulging and bubbling called delamination. Delamination is usually the result of a bad vapor barrier installation, poor bonding or moisture in the walls. If you find any protruding pieces of stucco, call an expert to take a look.

Cracks, Chips and Stains
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Notice any thin, long cracks, missing or chipped pieces of stucco? These external damages can let water into your home’s wooden exterior. And if you see heavy staining, discoloration or black streaks, you’ve already got water issues.

Rot Near Exterior Fixtures
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Another tell-tale sign of a poor stucco job is rot near exterior fixtures. Check your outside windows, doors, light fixtures, electrical outlets, pipes, meter boxes and chimneys for dark spots, stains, cracks or the smell of wet, rotting wood.

Is it Time for a Free Inspection?

If you notice any of the above signs, it’s time for a free inspection. One of Smucker’s stucco professionals will come to your home absolutely free – conducting a complete assessment and providing a complimentary repair or remediation plan.

Stucco Repair or Remediation… Which is Best for You?

If you’re seeing stucco issues, you’ve got two options: repair or remediation.

Stucco repair is good for fixing small, cosmetic damages. It’s less expensive than remediation, but does not solve underlying water issues if you have any.

Stucco remediation is the process of repairing underlying problems first, and then replastering the affected wall system. This permanently fixes the problems associated with faulty installations and prevents further water damage.

If you do have water damage, remediation is the best long-term strategy. It does cost more upfront, but can save you a lot of headache and out-of-pocket expenses down the line. (Having to replace your home’s exterior sheathing isn’t fun.) Remediation also increases your home’s value and boosts curb appeal.

So if you’re noticing issues with your home’s stucco, don’t take your chances. Reach out for a free inspection today and learn your best options moving forward.

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What Does Stucco Remediation Look Like?

Stucco remediation begins with a thorough inspection of your home’s wall system. Your technician will look for signs of water damage to determine if there are any underlying issues.

If a problem area is spotted, the team then removes the affected stucco to expose the base layer of the exterior wall. Then, the full damage is assessed and repaired by first replacing any rotted or damaged wood.

With a new base layer, fresh stucco cladding is then fashioned to your home’s exterior – giving your house an updated look and fixing your nagging water issues once and for all.

So if you’ve got stucco damage, book your free inspection today. You’ll receive a detailed quote with accurate costs and timelines and absolutely no obligations. You just take the information and let our teams know how you’d like to move forward.

Three Easy Steps to Protect Your Home’s Exterior


Get Your
Free Quote

An installation specialist will inspect your stucco absolutely free. After that, you’ll get a detailed repair or remediation plan.


We’ll Get
it Done

Sit back and relax as the Smucker team fixes your stucco system once and for all — leaving no trace on your property other than a job well-done.


Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing your modern stucco system is protecting your home – and everyone inside – from whatever nature stirs up.

Smucker Exteriors knows how important your home is.

Your home’s stucco siding is the first line of defense against severe water damage and repairs. If you notice signs of trouble, they need to be resolved ASAP.

If you’re in Lancaster, Berks or Chester County, one of our specialized stucco technicians will come perform a complete inspection of your stucco system – absolutely free. You’ll then get a complimentary repair or remediation plan to help you make the best choice moving forward.

If you approve your repair or remediation plan, you can just sit back and relax. Because your team will get it done and leave nothing behind but a beautiful stucco job – one backed by:

A lifetime workmanship guarantee
Top-tier products and manufacturer's warranties
Hand-picked crews committed to service and excellence

At Smuckers Exteriors, our teams has been keeping Pennsylvania homeowners safe, dry and energy efficient for over 20 years. And we’re ready to do the same for you. So, don’t let stucco issues fester. Reach out today and…

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What is stucco siding?

Stucco siding is a material made from cement, lime, sand and water. It’s commonly used as a home exterior as it’s fungal, rot, fire and water-resistant—making it an excellent choice for homeowners here in Pennsylvania when installed correctly.

Why do I see stucco failing in the Northeast U.S.?

Due to increased moisture and poor installation practices, most stucco setups tend to fail long before the expected life cycle.

How much maintenance does stucco siding require?

Generally speaking, stucco is a low-maintenance siding solution. That said, it is important to regularly inspect for cracks and damages and to repair small fractures promptly. Doing so preserves the look of your stucco while protecting the exterior sheathing of your home from water damage.

Can stucco be repaired if it gets damaged?

Yes, stucco can be repaired, and small cracks can often be sealed with a DIY stucco patching compound. However, significant damages—like streaks, stains and widening cracks—should be inspected by an experienced craftsman to ensure there isn’t deeper structural damage.

How do I know when it’s time to hire a professional stucco repair tradesperson?

If your stucco is showing discoloration or streaking, this can point to moisture problems below the outermost layer. Additionally, visual cracks—especially if they’re widening—can mean structural issues that need to be inspected and addressed promptly.

What sets Smucker Exterior & Remodeling stucco repair and remediation apart?

We believe in training our crews beyond industry standard. So you can rely on working with a skilled stucco professional who’s both passionate about quality work and cares about you and your home—we’re staking our reputation on it.

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