Reimagine Your Deck With the Rest of Your Home

Full exterior remodeling means full exterior remodeling. And the Smucker crew is standing by to upgrade your old deck along with the rest of your home’s outer look and feel.

A two-story house with a balcony, retractable awning, and a stairway leading to a grassy backyard.

Upgrade It All, Once And For All

Many exterior remodelers won’t do decks—meaning you’ve got to go through the entire contracting process twice.

Smucker Exteriors is your all-in-one exterior contractor. Our crews are ready to expand and renovate your deteriorating deck along with the rest of your home’s exterior.

Deck extensions
Full remodels
New railings and stairs

A Deck You’ll Love For Years to Come

When upgrading your deck, you have two options for materials: wood or composites.

Wooden decks have long been the staple. But compared to modern materials, they do have their drawbacks.

Composite decking is manufactured from a blend of reclaimed wood fibers and recycled plastic. It’s eco-friendly, lower-maintenance and longer lasting than traditional decking. And as far as the crew at Smucker Exteriors is concerned, it’s the way to go.

Here’s why:

Newly constructed deck with dark railing on the backyard of a modern suburban house.

Expand Your Living Space—Not Your Chores

Wooden decks must be maintained for both safety and looks. So if you like getting on your knees once a year to sand, stain and reseal, by all means.

Composite decking is UV and water resistant. It won’t rot, fade or splinter. And aside from occasional cleaning, composites require very little upkeep—meaning you can enjoy your deck without the hassles of wood construction.

A man is painting a wall in a room.
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When is it Time to Fix Your Stucco?

The best way to identify stucco damage is with a professional inspection. However, you can spot damage yourself by looking for signs of the following:

White Powder on Surface
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Water trapped behind your home’s stucco can move back to the surface in a process called “efflorescence” – leaving behind water-soluble salt on the stucco’s exterior. If you can see this powdery residue, water has seeped into your stucco.

Stucco Pulling Away from Home
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Water evaporating through your stucco causes bulging and bubbling called delamination. Delamination is usually the result of a bad vapor barrier installation, poor bonding or moisture in the walls. If you find any protruding pieces of stucco, call an expert to take a look.

Cracks, Chips and Stains
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Notice any thin, long cracks, missing or chipped pieces of stucco? These external damages can let water into your home’s wooden exterior. And if you see heavy staining, discoloration or black streaks, you’ve already got water issues.

Rot Near Exterior Fixtures
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Another tell-tale sign of a poor stucco job is rot near exterior fixtures. Check your outside windows, doors, light fixtures, electrical outlets, pipes, meter boxes and chimneys for dark spots, stains, cracks or the smell of wet, rotting wood.

Is it Time for a Free Inspection?

If you notice any of the above signs, it’s time for a free inspection. One of Smucker’s stucco professionals will come to your home absolutely free – conducting a complete assessment and providing a complimentary repair or remediation plan.

The Truth About Wood Decks

At Smucker Exteriors, we generally think composite decks are the way to go. But to be fair, wood isn’t all that bad.

For one, it’s usually cheaper up front. It also has a natural look about it—complete with beautiful color and grain variations—that’s hard to beat. (It is wood, afterall.) So if you can afford the additional time and money to keep it in shape, go for it.

But modern composite materials are stunning as well. And with the time and money you’ll save on yearly upkeep—not to mention buying a deck that lasts longer—you’ll spend more time loving your deck and less time worrying about it.

A Safer Deck For Family And Friends

Stairs are the first thing to go on a wooden deck. Which isn’t attractive… or safe. 

That’s because lumber isn’t treated as well in the middle. And the extra cuts needed on stair planks exposes the untreated sections to moisture—leading to rot and decay.

Composite boards don’t have this problem. They also prevent you from jamming your foot on a nasty splinter. So be safe. Choose composite.

Workers renovating a wooden deck at a suburban home.

Three Easy Steps to Loving Your New Deck


Get Your
Free Quote

Give us a call and we’ll meet you at your home for a full project assessment—totally free. After that, you’ll get a detailed quote outlining your project.


We’ll Get
it Done

Sit back and relax as your new deck unfolds. You’re kept in the loop at every step and our team will leave no trace on your property other than a job well done.


Love Your Deck

Have fun lounging, cooking out or simply enjoying a beautiful sunset from the comfort of your reinvigorated deck.

A great deck makes your home even more enjoyable.

Which is exactly why Smucker Exteriors offers full deck remodeling as a part of our services—so why not get it all done with one company you trust.

If you’re in Lancaster, Berks or Chester County and want to refresh your old deck—or build a new one—give us a call. A certified contractor will visit your home and help you design a deck you’ll love for years to come. All free and with zero obligations.

And if you decide to move forward with your deck, you can rest assured you’re in good hands. Because your project comes backed by our 20-year reputation plus a complete lifetime workmanship warranty.

So get your free quote today. Because you deserve a deck to enjoy for a long, long time.

Smucker's home improvement trailer.


Does Smucker Exteriors help with the design phase of custom decking?

Yes! Our decking professionals are happy to help you design the perfect deck for your home or business. That means one that fits your space, style and budget seamlessly. Your dream deck, in other words.

Do decking repairs and custom decks come under warranty?

All decking projects come backed by Smucker Exterior & Remodeling’s lifetime workmanship guarantee and industry-leading product warranty. However, specific terms and conditions vary based on project scope and materials used, so it’s best to discuss details directly with us.

How long does a typical deck installation take?

For new decks, installation times vary based on complexity and size. Generally, a simple deck can be constructed within a few days, whereas larger projects may take two or three weeks. You will receive a detailed time estimate along with your free quote.

Will Smucker Exteriors remove my old deck before building the new one?

Yes, our crews are ready to handle the removal of your old deck as a part of site prep and installation. Just be sure to let your contractor know your needs during your initial consultation and you can count on us to handle the rest.

Will Smucker Exteriors & Remodeling repair my current deck?

Yes—so don’t worry if you aren’t ready to invest in a completely new custom deck. Our decking pros are also happy to repair and perform maintenance services for your faithful, old friend.

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