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Gutter Installation and Repair in Lancaster, Berks, and Chester Counties

Our gutter installers can help you protect your home’s foundation

Smucker’s Exteriors employs trained gutter installers. Having a quality rain gutter installed is essential for any homeowner wanting to take good care of his home. When rain water is allowed to run down the side of your home and pool and puddle it begins to seep into your foundation. Over time, foundations can be seriously damaged by rain water. Foundation damage can lead to all kinds of other issues and can be very expensive to repair. Considering rain gutter installation is a great way to prevent water damage to your home. We offer rain gutters made of either copper or seamless steel. Our gutters also come in 5in or 6in sizes.

Finding the right gutter installation company can be tough for many homeowners. At Smucker’s Exteriors, we know how important it is to have a rain gutter and to have it installed properly. Our gutter installers have been highly trained and certified to install gutters, so whether you are from Chester, Berks, or Lancaster County, contact us today so that we can help.

A house with traditional K-Gutter installed

Traditional K-gutter

K-gutter is the traditional rain gutter used on many homes today. The K-gutter is a quality, easy-to-install, and easy-to-maintain gutter. We manufacture this gutter on-site and hang it directly after it’s made. K-gutter comes in 5-inch and 6-inch widths.

A garage with copper gutters installed

Copper gutters

If you want to increase curb appeal to your home, choose a Copper Rain Gutter. The copper gutter, when installed correctly, can last for many decades. Copper is rust resistant, unlike some other gutter materials. Some folks claim their copper gutters are 100-years old!

Closeup of a Gutterrx Leaf guard

GutterRX Leaf Guard

Protect your gutter from clogging with leaves and debris, by installing GutterRX’s Leaf Guard. This leaf-guard keeps leaves, sticks, and other things out of your gutters while letting the rain water in. We can install gutter guards on your existing gutters or add them to new gutter installations.

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Protect your home with gutter installation

Our gutter installers will install or repair any gutter(s) attached to your home with expertise and professionalism. For over 15 years we have been helping our customers protect their homes by installing gutters or gutter guards on their existing gutters. Plus, we are equipped with some of the best products around to help you with whatever gutter repair or installation need you may have.

3 signs it may be time for a new gutter installation

These are all key indicators that it may be time to consider adding gutters to your home or repairing your existing gutters. We would love to help. One of our trained gutter installers would be happy to talk to you about your gutters and help you figure out what course of action would be right for you.

Mildew or Stains in your Attic or Ceilings

Water Pooling underneath your Gutter or around your Foundation

Cracking, Splitting, or Sagging Gutters

How to know when it’s timefor a new gutter installation

Even if you’re seeing some of the above signs you might not need new gutters. If there are a lot of leaves built up in your gutters they can cause water to pool around the foundation of your home. If this is the case, then you probably just need to clean out your gutters and consider upgrading to gutter guards (we happen to have excellent gutter installers that would love to help you out with that).

If you are finding a lot of shingle granules in your gutter, it may indicate there is a problem with your roof. We repair and replace roofs as well so if you’re concerned about the state of your roof we would be happy to help with that too.

Regardless of what you’re seeing around your house, one of our gutter installers can help you decide the best course of action. We will help you pick a gutter style and size and determine whether or not you would benefit from a gutter guard as well.

Why choose smucker’s to be your gutter installers?

What sets us apart from other gutter installers? Our approach to each project is what makes us the best option for you. Before we begin, one of our experienced gutter installers will come to your house and assess the project. He will put together a free estimate and detailed plan to fix the problem. We prioritize the customer experience and make sure that communication from start to finish is clear. Our priority is to help you solve your problem and make sure that you feel cared for throughout the process.

Our team of gutter installers are highly trained. Whether repairing an existing gutter or installing a new one, our crews will arrive on time every day and clean up the site before leaving at the end of each day.

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