High-Quality Siding Contractors Near Me

At Smucker Exteriors & Remodeling, we have state-licensed siding contractors who can repair and install a variety of siding materials. If you live anywhere in Lancaster County, Chester County, or Berks County, you can call us for fast and professional service. Our siding contractors will help you decide which or wood, cement, polymer, composite, or vinyl siding product will benefit your home the best while installing it in a timely and efficient manner.

Whether your home is a contemporary style, ranch design, or cottage build, we have vertical or horizontal siding options with a smooth, wood-like, or stucco-like texture for you!

Vinyl Siding Contractors & Other Exterior Options

You’ll find that we have a lot of options from industry-leading siding manufacturers such as vinyl siding, polymer, and composite. With so many possibilities, you are sure to finally get the home exterior you’ve been dreaming of! We provide high-quality vinyl siding installation services at a competitive rate. However, there is much more that goes into your dream home than just the siding. A great benefit of Smucker Exteriors is that we are a complete exterior home renovation company with services that also include window & door installation and replacement, as well as roofing services.

Fiber Cement Board House Siding

Your house’s siding is often what visitors will notice first about the exterior. Make a good first impression with Smucker Exteriors & Remodeling! The line of products we carry includes some of the best siding materials on the market today, and many come with a warranty!

One of these products is fiber cement boards, which are known for being an affordable alternative to wood siding. Fiber cement siding is admired by homeowners everywhere because of its fire-resistant features and natural look of wood. Not only are these materials beautiful, but also maintenance free! This form of house siding is resistant to moisture, rot, and insects.

Fiber cement board house siding requires no caulking or painting work from our siding contractors, saving you money!

We at Smucker Exteriors & Remodeling provide homeowners in Berks, Chester, and Lancaster County with various different styles of textured, straight, wavy, and thatched edged siding. For a modern feel and easy installation, our Lancaster PA siding contractors often suggest fiber cement siding for homeowners.

Trusted Siding Contractors in Lancaster, PA

Smucker Exteriors & Remodeling will help you determine what type of house siding is right for you depending on the architecture of your home, the typical climate in your area, and your budget. Our siding contractors can discuss what the best process will be for replacing your preexisting siding to ensure your new one looks as good as possible. Whether you chose fiber cement boards, polymer, composite, or vinyl siding to complete your home, always give our siding company a call first! Our team is happy to help those living in the local areas of PA!

Receive a free estimate before we do any work! For more information, just give us a call. 

New blue vinyl siding in Chester County After
Replacing old siding in Chester County Before