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Your home’s siding is the first line of defense against the elements. So don’t wait. Protect your residence and everyone inside with a free quote today.

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How Does Siding Protect Your Home?

Updated siding protects you and your home in more ways than one. From preventing costly damage to lowering monthly bills, here’s how you can count on your modern siding for the long-haul.

Prevents Water Damage
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Water is your home’s natural enemy. And excess moisture can lead to rot, mold and mildew.

Well-kept siding is like a raincoat for your house. It keeps your home dry and healthy while also preventing costly repairs down the line.

Keeps Pests Out
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Bugs, termites, woodpeckers, and rodents can wreak havoc on your property. And infestations aren’t just gross. They can cost you big time on repairs and exterminator fees.

Modern siding is built to resist cracking and warping – keeping nature’s critters where they belong: outside.

Cozy and Comfy Year-Round
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From the blistering cold to the hottest summer days, your comfort shouldn’t depend on the weather.

Functional siding works with your house’s wrap to keep you energy efficient year-round. Meaning greater comfort (and lower bills) regardless of how it feels outside.

Higher Property Value
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New siding doesn’t just protect your home from the elements – it looks great, too. And let’s face it, people do judge books by the cover.

In fact, buyers will pay an around 7% more for a home with a well-kept exterior. And if you decide to rent, new siding attracts higher-quality tenants.

An Investment Pays for Itself

Replacing your siding is a big deal. And it can be expensive.

But when the time is right, new siding is well worth the upfront costs. Depending on the siding you choose, you can recoup as much as 67-95% of your initial investment through savings on monthly bills, preventing water and pest damage, and a healthy boost in resale value.

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Make the Neighbors’ Heads Turn

With choices of polymer, vinyl, composite, fiber cement and wood siding, you’re sure to find the perfect new look for your residence.

And if you’re not sure where to start, no worries. We’ll send you photos of what your home could look like sporting the best options – helping you find the perfect solution for both looks and longevity.

When Should You Replace Your Siding?

Short answer: at the first signs of trouble. It’s cheaper that way.

Here’s what trouble looks like:

Loose, missing, warped or bent panels
Green patches on the shady side of your home
Cracks, chips or broken sections of siding
“Soft spots” at signs of damage that can be pushed in (rotting boards need to be replaced ASAP)

You can also check your home’s interior for:

Mold, mildew or rust
Bubbling, chipping or peeling paint
Saggy wallpaper
Rising heating and cooling bills

If you notice any of these issues, don’t take your chances. A free consultation is all you need to learn the best way forward.

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Replacement or Repair… Which is Better?

Unless you want a full remodel, you may be able to repair damaged sections of siding.

To discover your options, a Smucker certified tech will come and check your siding absolutely free. Then, you’ll get a detailed quote outlining your best path forward and can take it from there.

Protect Your Home in Three Easy Steps


Get Your
Free Quote

Give us a call and a certified tech will inspect your siding for free. After that, they’ll help you find the perfect siding for you and your home.


We’ll Get
it Done

Sit back and relax as the Smucker team gives your house a major upgrade — leaving no trace on your property other than a job well-done.


Feel Proud
of Your Home

Live worry-free in a home you’re proud of – one that’s dry, safe, and the best-looking on the block.

Smucker Exteriors knows how important your home is.

It’s where you and your loved ones live. It needs to be safe and comfortable. And sometimes, that means updating old work.

The Smucker team has been keeping Pennsylvania homeowners safe and dry for over 20 years. So if you’re in Lancaster, Berks or Chester County and think you might need new siding, give us a call.

One of our certified installers will visit your home and help you find the perfect product – providing you with a detailed quote and installation plan absolutely free.

The Smucker crews are dedicated to service and excellence. And you can rest assured knowing you’re backed by a lifetime workmanship warranty.

So reach out for your free quote today. Because water and pest damage is no fun. And upgrading your siding at the first sign of trouble is the best way to keep money in the bank.

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Top-tier Products and Siding Solutions

The Smucker Exteriors crew is committed to installing high-quality, modern products we believe in—preferring brands that offer durable, precisely engineered solutions which are easily installed and carry timeless appeal.

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