Our team installs and repairs roofs that are asphalt shingles, metal panels, or wood. We’ve been in the roofing business for decades and we’re state-certified, so we can handle any residential roofing job.

5-Star Residential Roofing Contractor

Homeowners looking for a roofing contractor to install or repair a roof know how important it is to find a company they can trust to do the job right. That is why so many folks are turning to Smucker’s Exteriors. We are a home improvement company that specializes in residential roofing in Lancaster, Berks, and Chester Counties.

As a roofing contractor we provide roofing installs, repairs, and replacements to clients throughout our service area, as well as gutter installs and replacement, window and door replacements, and siding repair and installs.

Here are some signs indicating your roof is due for an inspection, repair, or replacement:

There are obvious problems that your roof needs replaced say if you have rain water dripping inside your home. Other signs might be things like shingles missing from your roof or damaged shingles from hail or wind. There are less obvious signs that present themselves to warn of a roof job needing to be done.

If your shingles have been on for over 20 years or you are noticing shingle grains in your gutter or the shingles feel soft when you walk across them- these can all mean that you should check into having your shingles replaced before too long.

Everything under a house roof needs to be protected

Having a solid roof over your head is the best form of protection from weather and the elements. A well-maintained roof is the best way to make sure rain cannot get into your house. Taking steps to deals with roofing issues as soon as they arise can make the repair less expensive.

It’s always better (and less expensive) to replace an aging roof before it starts causing structural damage to your home. If you have questions about the reliability of your roof or see things like shingles cracking, curling, or missing one of our technicians would be glad to provide a professional inspection.