Windows installation and replacements

Window Installs and Replacements in Lancaster, Berks, and Chester Counties

Do you want your house to look better
and be more energy efficient?

Homeowners looking for new windows know that it is important to find the right contractor for the job. At Smucker’s Exteriors we take our role as your window installers very seriously. With some of the best replacement windows available, plus years of expertise, we are among the best door and window replacement companies that service the Lancaster, Berks, and Chester Counties.

Signs Your Windows Could Need to be Replaced

There are obvious problems like if your window is cracked, broken, or warped. These problems signal that you might want to get your window replaced. More subtle signs such as windows fogging up, sticking when you try to open or close them, and falling shut when you open them, also mean that you should get them repaired or even replaced. One of our experienced home improvement specialists can tell you whether a window can be repaired or if it needs replaced.

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Broken Glass or Bezel

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Moisture Inside, Outside, or Between Panes

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Letting a draft of warm air in or out

Energy Saving Options

Our window and door suppliers are exceeding requirements set in place by Energy Star. Our new windows are energy-saving by redirecting heat back into the house to keep it warm and cozy in the winter. Also, they provide greater heat deflection from the outside during the summer.