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The Longest Lasting Mobile Home Siding - Save Money Today

Mobile homes have become an increasingly popular method of homeownership in the past few years. This is due to their affordability, versatility, and their functionality. With the state of the economy, and the housing market specifically, mobile homes are a great way for people to step into homeownership with little risks. Although mobile homes are an alternative to traditional homes and apartments, their maintenance remains the same. They must be tended to just like their counterparts. In this blog, we’ll take a look at one aspect of maintenance… siding.


Mobile home siding is basically the same thing as regular home siding. The way you can determine if you need new siding is by following the same steps you would with regular home siding.


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This is a very simple way to assess if you need new mobile home siding. If you see any cracks, warping, or holes in the siding of your mobile home, it might be time for a repair job. All of these issues can be caused by weather, wear and tear, and just age.


If you’ve noticed that your energy bills are higher than usual, it could be because of deteriorating siding. The insulation in your home decreases with damaged and aged siding. This causes air to seep in and out of your home, resulting in higher heating or cooling costs. You can contact us for a free estimate and a general check-up to see if you need new siding for your mobile home.


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Rot or mold can be a scary sign of needing new siding. Rot or mold is caused by water damage. Your siding has ways to combat water damage but as normal wear and tear occurs and your siding ages, its ability to fend off water lessens. This can cause rot and mold and eventually, your home’s integrity can be compromised.


Smucker’s Exteriors specializes in vinyl siding projects, but we also install many different types of residential siding like fiber cement, wood, and more! But what is the difference between them and what is the best siding for you? Take a look below to learn more about each type of siding and choose for yourself.


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Vinyl is a unique type of siding. Of course, it’s everywhere but we mean unique in how it is made. Most other siding material is coated with a color layer that is susceptible to chips and damage. With vinyl siding, the colors are “baked-in.” This means that the paint cannot be scratched, stripped, or chipped off. If you hate the idea of doing regular painting maintenance or are in a region where weather-caused damage is normal, vinyl siding might be the right choice for you.


If you take a look at modern mobile home siding options, there are only a few that are more affordable than vinyl siding. This is because vinyl siding tends to be the most mainstream option for homeowners. If you compare vinyl on a material basis to other forms of siding, it can cost two to four times less.


Vinyl siding has come a long way since it’s inception. Nowadays, one of the biggest benefits of vinyl is its versatility. Arguably better than low maintenance and affordability, vinyl siding can be molded and custom-made to look like any kind of siding and architectural style. Because of this, homeowners can explore different siding options with vinyl at a reduced cost.


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Although there are different grades of fiber cement siding, they virtually have the same level of durability. So even your most basic and lowest grade of fiber cement will last an unbelievable amount of time. Not only is it durable against common enemies of siding like weather, rot, and UV rays, but fiber cement siding also provides great protection against pests and insects.


Most of us find it hard to imagine our homes catching fire. That includes me as well. But statistically speaking, an average of 358,500 American homes experience a structural fire every year. Luckily, a fiber cement-sided home is built with materials that are at least 90% inflammable. When exposed to intense heat, fiber cement siding will remain sturdy. Direct flames and heat will not affect it and because of this, fiber cement siding has been given a Class 1(A) rating in fire safety.


Fiber cement can seem expensive when you take a look at the estimates your contractor gives you. The price per square foot can range from $0.70 up to $5. But if you look at the long-term return, and the longevity of the material, the investment really is worth it. Non-back coated fiber cement siding can last up to 50 years. For most people, that’ll be enough for a lifetime! Better yet, back coated fiber cement siding can go as long as 75 years. With proper maintenance and care, it could even go beyond estimates.


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If you’re someone that is environmentally conscious and cares about your carbon footprint, opting for a wood siding option on your mobile home is one of the best ways to help. Unlike other siding options, wood does not emit pollutants during the manufacturing process. This alone helps the environment. But that’s not where it ends. Wood siding is also biodegradable and is a renewable resource so you’d be cutting back on the amount of pollutants that you personally put out.


Wood siding is one of the most customizable siding options available for homeowners. This is because it is so malleable and can be shaped and colored in any way you want. If you worry about aesthetics and how your home looks or you just want to make your neighbors jealous (we won’t judge), wood siding is hands down one of the most attractive option on a home. Don’t believe us? Wood is one of the top three most popular siding options in mobile homes as of 2021.


Because of its appeal and customizability, wooden siding will inevitably help you in the long run if you ever think about selling your home. Having a newly finished wood exterior decreases the bills you pay, increases the curb appeal of your home, and makes it stand out. When you put your house out on the market, your agent will have no problem getting you high offers.


For almost a decade, Smucker’s Exteriors has been the leading Amish home improvement contractor in Southeastern, PA. We specialize in siding repair, stucco remediation, roofing, windows and doors. Instead of working to put money in our pockets, we strive to provide homeowners with accurate quotes, a step-by-step plan, and excellent service. We are ready to help you fix and repair your home so it stands tall and proud for years to come! When you request a free quote, one of our specialists will come out to your home, assess the project, and explain what the process will look like, free of charge! You can learn more about our services through our website. If you want to fill out a free quote, you can do so here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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